What We Do and Who We Are

The Homestead Barn

Homestead Barn Wooster OH Wayne County Event Venue Farm Rustic wedding meeting party

This is the outside of our main barn! It is under construction and will be done winter of 2018! It may appear small in the picture, but it is not! The features it boasts are second to none!

The Foundation Floor


Our main barn floor looks like this! It is under contruction, but this gives you an idea of the stunning contrast we wanted!

Lakeview Pavilion


Our newly built Lakeview Pergola sits within 100 feet of our Lakeview Pavilion and the two of them together make for a beautiful setting to have your outdoor ceremony!

Who We Are


We love celebrations! We always have. We look for reasons to throw a party or have a get together. So I guess it was just fitting that we decided to share our space and the spaces we create with you!